Meet Dorothy

Dorothy Lopez

Physical Therapy Assistant
Laser Certified Therapist

My journey in the health and wellness industry has been one of continual growth. I began this journey in 2008 in Miami where I pursue a career as a Yoga Teacher. I was a Marketing Communication Specialist, but firmly understood that making it as a Marketing Guru probably wasn’t going to satisfy me both financially and emotionally. At this point, I put my passion for marketing aside and decided to put my efforts into another passion, fitness. It is here where I started my pursuit to understand the human body.

I became a Stott Pilates Full Instructor in 2012 and immediately started teaching Pilates for injuries and special populations in a Rehabilitation and Wellness Studio in Caracas, Venezuela. During that time of experimenting with Pilates stabilization and dynamic strengthening and stretching exercises, I had many of my other colleagues at the studio talking about Physical Therapy and I knew it was an extraordinary alternative to the Yoga and Pilates exercises I was doing to improve my health and the others that I care for. My colleagues at my studio (Mariana Rendon and Oscar Flores) would tell me about how safety and functionality need to be managed if we desire for people to live longer and healthier.

At this moment, I am not only doing Pilates, Yoga and Physical Therapy, I am also practicing the art of Essential Oils almost every day. For me life is an endless learning experience with constant challenges to find out what it is like to be healthy. Overall things, I am a student, incessantly learning about the human body, mind and spirit.

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