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Patient Testimonials

Rated 5/5 based on 20 customer reviews
"My name is Domingo J. Delgado.I have been treating myself twice at Bolanos Associates. Hialeah, FL. The first was for Partial Arthroplasty of Base of Metacarpus of Thumb. The second was Repair of rupture Achilles tendon and removal of heel bone and Transplant of deep tendon with muscle rerouting as lower leg or ankle. This last surgery, at that time I believed that I would never be able to walk properly again. But it was the opposite. In that place I met a team of technicians and excellent employees aware of their responsibility with their patients. Like Rebeca Ada and George; that with the help of all of them I was able to recover and at the present time I am an independent man. Angie for you and your team my evaluation is EXCELLENT. "
Sep 02, 2020
"Excelente staff, comunicación y profesionalismo. Minuciosa concentración y limpieza en estos momentos difíciles de Covid-19. Exigente en el cuidado del paciente y de sus empleados. Mi mención especial por el profesionalismo y dedicación a Jackie Fariña, eternamente agradecida por su empeño en dejar de mi mano un 💯 por ciento de movilidad. Su gran capacidad de paciencia, experiencia y total entrega a su trabajo. Gracias. Gracias 😊. Gracias a July, Ricky, Lisbeth, Ileana y Dianne por ser una verdadera familia de Bolaños Therapy. "
Jul 29, 2020
"Muy buena asociación. Tienen personas que saben lo que hacen, que ayudan y al final sales como nueva, sin dolores y respuesta de lo que te molestaba o no te dejaba vivir. Gracias por servir de la forma que lo hacen, con amor y profesionalismo. Gracias por su ayuda. Gracias por tan profesional y amable personal. Dios los bendiga. Todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece. "
May 23, 2020
"Jose Rivera was my physical therapist. My injury was related to a slip and fall accident. He helped me when no one else would. He truly cared and listened to me. He is one of the most honorable people I’ve ever met. He puts his patients first and during the pandemic is jeopardizing his health everyday to ensure they don’t experience pain. He even drives to there homes if they cannot come in to the clinic. He has a way of making you feel like everything is going to be ok in a time when negativity clouds your mind. I am convinced he is an angel on earth sent to reduce human suffering. I’ve already recommended five other people to Bolanos Associates for this very reason. This review was long overdue and I wholeheartedly recommend Bolanos in Hialeah to anyone experiencing pain. Everyone there is great! But if you go ask for Jose, he’s the best!🙏🏼"
May 15, 2020
"I work for city furniture and received almost all my therapy in the company clinic in tamarac. I wanted to let you know the amazing work done by the personal in hialeah facility who treated me right after my ACL surgery but especially Nuria who treated me before and after my acl surgery. In tamarac clinic at city furniture, she is a hard working technician and without her I would not be able to achieve my goal of walking as I am again, she pushed me and was very supportive and due to her effort combined with mine i can function as I am six months after the surgery . I saw her putting the same effort with other patients so can speak of her amazing drive. Also wanted to remark the performance of joanna the PT who did my assessments. Thank you all .. "
Oct 25, 2019
"Rebeca es una buena terapista me ayudo en todo mi proceso y en mi recuperacion con mi mano y al igual que todos los que trabajan en bolanos "
Oct 04, 2019
"my name is Ramon i have been coming here at bolanos associates for comprehensive therapy and when i came through the door i was in doubt i couldn't move and was weak but the bolanos associates team gave me full attention and help me push to strongest recovery i went in hialeah i mean it was the best therapist mrs.rebecca and Irama would request anyone looking for comprehensive to go here and give it a try i felt at home god bless these people , thanks a lot you guys are the real mvp Ramon gamble . "
Sep 12, 2019
"El equipo de Bolanos Associates es increible, desde el primer momento de la primera visita me senti atendido como nunca antes; son extremadamente profesionales y dedicados en su trabajo, los resultados de mi terapia fisica por un problema de tendonitis fueron inmediatos, el trato de todos en la oficina y la sala de terapia es muy respetuoso, amistoso en una palabra inmejorable!, literalmente te llevan de la mano en todo el proceso de rehabilitacion haciendote sentir en casa Gracias por ser tan especiales y dedicados "
Aug 27, 2019
"son muy profecionales excelente servicio"
Jul 29, 2019
"Estoy muy feliz y agradecido por el trato amable y profesional . Las terapistas Rebeca e Irama tienen un alto nivel de profesionalismo y conocimiento, hacen el proceso de la terapia agradable a pesar que muchas veces no es facil . Bolanos Hialeah es altamente recomendado . Son los mejores . Mil gracias . "
Jul 25, 2019
"My nombre es Marilyn Maranon. Estoy muy contenta con el tratamiento recibido por mi Terapista. Siento que fué hecho con mucho amor é interés en que fuera mejorando aun mas en cada terapia. Estoy muy agradecida con todas las personas que me atendieron especialmente con Rebeca. Gracias por toda la dedicación y por supuesto que recomiendo a Bolanos/ Associates como un excelente lugar para su recuperación."
Jul 25, 2019
"During my time attending Bolanos Associates, I received top notch treatment. I just went to my re-evaluation today and I was all healed. I would give it six stars if possible."
Jul 18, 2019
"My experience was very good with this group of really professional therapist , my blessings for all of you working there and thank you for your support during my recovery after surgery ,Att .Reinaldo Perez."
Jul 16, 2019
"Llegue a Bolanos Hialeah acabado de operar de una fractura en mi brazo izquierdo. Desde que llegue me encontré con un grupo de maravillosas personas que me ayudaron en el proceso de mi terapia , el primer dia de mi terapia llegue con mucho dolor y miedo de no saber que me podia encontrar, el primer dia de mi terapia me evaluó Irama , me dio una confianza , profesionalismo y seguridad que iba a mejorar . Rebeca gracias a ella me he recuperado al 100% he estado de regreso a mi trabajo a pesar de lo doloroso de mi proceso , muchas veces dude , pero todo el staff incluyendo a Nelly , Dayana me llevaron de la mano , no me dejaron caer y me daban esperanza en mis dia mas dificil. Hoy dia ya estoy de vuelta a mi trabajo y a mi vida sin limitaciones. Mil gracias y bendiciones son el mejor equipo . "
Jul 02, 2019
"I would like to thank you all staff of Bolanos Associates Comprehensive Therapy in Hialeah for the wonderful and professional care and services I recieved.I appreciate all your hard work and dedication especially w/ my therapist Nellie.Everyday my left shoulder pain was improving from all the exercises and treatment I received.Now I' m able to move my shoulder normally and able to do my job well.Thank you all and the great job you're doing."
Jul 01, 2019
"My experience with Bolanos Associates Comprehensive Therapy Miami/Kendall staff was superb! I was dealing with a complex chronic facial jaw and neck pain for months. I went to urgent care and doctor to doctor to just give me pain medications and anti-inflammatory medications. Then finally was diagnosis with TMJ and neck with shoulder pains with muscle spasms. From the initial consult, the Physical Therapist Diana Solares was so caring and compassionate. She explained everything in detail, but most importantly she relieved my pain! PT staff was absolutely fantastic and answered all my questions and coached me through my recovery every step of the way. Now I am off all pain medications and recommend them to everyone I know. “KUDO’S to the entire team”"
May 22, 2019
"I highly recommend Bolanos n Assoc. for anyone looking for a therapist. My therapist was very thoughtful and considerate to the pain I was experiencing. For anyone with who hasn't found relief, the laser therapy I received for my excruciating elbow pain, helped me heal and get back to working out. Thank you to the staff at Bolanos n Assoc!"
May 22, 2019
"I have had the privilege of being treated by this great team of therapists. I got there my first day of treatment with a 9/10 lower back pain and after 5 laser treatment and stretching exercises I am feeling much better, my pain was decreasing with each therapy. Today I can say my pain is 0/10. Thank you!"
May 02, 2019
"Angie I want to really thank you and all your team... thank you, thank you, thank all are fantastic, super professional, and be honest with you I can not tell you wish one is the best, because all of you are excellent...I really appreciate your time and help...God bless you all... Kisses 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘"
May 02, 2019
"What Claudia and Angie were able to do for me in their Davie office is nothing short of amazing!! Allowing me to live my dream and fulfill my bucket list wish of attending the New York Yankees Fantasy camp- after a torn calf muscle and 2 herniated discs in my lower back that had me literally laid up for a week before seeing them- Amazing! I wasn’t just another number being pushed thru the office- they cared- truly cared- truly shared in my desire to achieve my goal. Very in tune with what I was dealing with, suffering with. Claudia pushed me harder then I believed I could be pushed! Their state of the art laser therapy was incredible as well-True professionals! Thank you Thank you Thank you!"
Mar 11, 2019

What Claudia and Angie were able to do for me in their Davie office is nothing short of amazing!! Allowing me to live my dream and fulfill my bucket list wish of attending the New York Yankees Fantasy camp- after a torn calf muscle and 2 herniated discs in my lower back that had me literally laid up for a week before seeing them- Amazing! I wasn’t just another number being pushed thru the office- they cared- truly cared- truly shared in my desire to achieve my goal. Very in tune with what I was dealing with, suffering with. Claudia pushed me harder then I believed I could be pushed! Their state of the art laser therapy was incredible as well-True professionals! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Gary N

Cuando llegue, llegue muy muy muy adolorida, y a medida que la PT me trato, mi mejoria cada vez mas y mas. 😊 Estoy 100% satisfecha con su excellente trabajo, muy professional. Agradecida y contenta!!! Felicitaciones por su excelente trabajo.

Yajaira Bustamente
Job Title: Director for Adult center
Therapist: Nelly Frometa, PTA
Diagnosis: Left Hip Contusion; Left Knee Contusion; Left Ankle Sprain

En esta clinica primero que todo el personal que en ella trabja son amigables y recibi su amabilidad como familia, y lo mas grande que siento al isgual que todos en casa es, cuando llegue aqui no podia caminar ni realizer apenas ninguna funcion con mis pies, sin embargo hoy puedo sonreir y ser feliz porque con el trabajo y dedicasion de este grupo y en especial de Sr. Jose, mis pies han vuelto hacer ejercicios y caminar. Gracias a todos.

Victor Arguelles
Therapist: Jose Rivera, PT
Diagnosis: Bilateral Lateral Meniscus Knee Tears

La terapia me ha agudado mucho porque antes tenia mucha inchazon en los dedos y la mano y ahora mis dedos estan menos inchedos y puedo cerrar la mano major. Tambien, he Ganado movimiento y libertad de movimiento en la mano que me permitepoder realizer major mis actividades diarios.

Sonia Carcases
Therapist: Rebeca Martin Fernandez, COTA
Diagnosis: Left Hand Ligament Tear

Llegue a este lugar mandado por la Dra. Kinchelow. Al principio no crei que me iva recuperar. Pero deje que pasara el tiempo y que hiciera su trabajo y en la segunda cita se empeso a notar el cambio y al pasar de los dias me sentia major con el tratamiento que me dio la terapista. Me siento muy conforme. Le doy Grcias ala terapista Rebeca por sus logros en mi mano.

Robert Zurita
Therapist: Rebeca Martin Fernandez, COTA
Diagnosis: Right Wrist Tendon Dislocation

Professional all the way, very good team. Very good activities. After therapy I feel much better. Excellent therapist. Rebeca and Irama 100%. Very Professional Dayana. Thank you for your service.

Mercedes Alvarez
Therapist: Irama Debourg, OT
Diagnosis: Bilateral Capral Tunnel

I had right hip surgery for hip impingement. Before this surgery I had obtained physical therapy in other places without any resolution. After surgery, I started physical therapy at Bolanos Associates 2 weeks into surgery. When I got here, I was not able to walk without a walker, I was limping walking in tip toe, no strength on my right leg. I was not able to do much on my own. I was very discouraged. I thank God everyday for finding this place, only 3 weeks after I started the therapy I walk alone, I am driving, I can get in my bathtub, in my pool and many other things of daily living. I recommend their therapy place to anyone and will continue my therapy until my full recovery.

Maricela Fardalas
Therapist: Rick Cabrera, PTA
Diagnosis: Right Hip Impingement

Me comenz ocon muletas y el dolor era muy horrible y poco a poco logre dejar muletas y segue con un bastobn. La terapia me ayuda mucho. Ahora deje el baston y sigi trabajando con los ejercios de Rick anun tengo mis molestias de mi rodilla, pero el trato y la ayuda de Bolanos es excelente.

Jose Martin
Job Title: Waiter
Therapist: Rick Cabrera, PTA
Diagnosis: Right Knee Meniscus Tear

I have been suffering with major back pain going down my right leg for a while and have been treated by my doctor with medication and injections, however nothing seemed to work. I was having trouble walking and even taking a few steps caused me pain.  So much pain that even my knee began to hurt as well. After just two sessions of Laser therapy at Bolanos Associates Comprehensive Therapy I immediately felt better. I was able to walk out of the office now without limping and with no pain. I will continue and finish my sessions because I can tell that this is what I need to finally get rid of the pain for good. Thank you for the amazing and caring team at Bolanos Associates. 

Gloria Molano
Therapist: Angie Bolanos, OTR/L, CEAS, CHC
Diagnosis: Back Pain

En solo 7 terapias con ayuda de Rebeca mi terapista junto a su estudiante he logrado hacer casi todas mis actividades diaria sin ayuda, tales como amarrarme los cordones de mis zapatos, comer solo, peinarme, vestirme y hacer la ,ayoria de las cosas en mi trabajo, aunque no tengo fuerza suficiente en mi mano para cargar peso, pero todo va excelente, gracias.

Enrique Manzano
Therapist: Rebeca Martin Fernandez, COTA
Diagnosis: Right Hand Laceration

Mi nombre es Deysi Fuentes de Brito cuando empece mis terapias tenia dificulatd para hacer muchas cosas que necesitaran movimiento. Gracias a las terapeutas que me han atendido me voy hoy despues de 12 visitas mucho major. Yo puedo hasta escribir. Todos han sido super amables y muy profesionnales. Con la mas trator que tuve fue con Rebeca y es excelente. Garcias a todos.

Deysi Fuentes
Therapist: Rebeca Martin Fernandez, COTA
Diagnosis: Right Wrist Radius Fracture

Mi nombre es Alicia Sanchez y llegue a esta compania Bolanos Associates sin poder sentarme, ni poder ponerme los zapatos, con dolores extremos y limitada de muchisimos cosa, que con communes en la vida cotidiana de nosotros.

Estoy bien agadesida ya que con mis terapias he podido recuperar muchas cosas, ya me puedo sentar, manejar, y poco a poca se fue recuperando todas las cosas que son tan necesarias y communes para todos en el vivir de la vida diaria.

Gracias a los tartamientos de terapias fiscia temenos una major salud, yo misma no lo creia hasta que las hice, ahora me siento mucho major.

Alicia Sanchez
Job Title: HHA
Therapist: Jose Rivera, PT
Diagnosis: Sciatica, Back Spasms

Mi nombre es Libia Pereira, estoy muy contenta de encontrar este centro. Es un lugar donde el equipo que aqui trabaja es especial. Todos los terapistas se dedicand a sus pasientes para aliviar el dolor de cada uno.

Mi terapista es Nelly y ella con sus manos divinas alvio mi dolar. Llegue con un dolor terrible en el pies derecho, tenia dos espuelones y un dolor terrible que no podia caminar y dolor era un 150% y hoy gracias a Dios y mi terapista me voy hoy de aqui dia 10/26/18 con un 10% de dolor. Espero que de alguna manera gratiifiquen este personal.

Libia Pereira
Therapist: Nelly Frometa, PTA
Diagnosis: Plantar Fasciitis

Corporate Reviews

Bueno cuando recien llegue aqui no podia cerar mi dedo y fue muy uena experiencia con mi terapista Rebeca. Excelente trabajo porque hoy en dia en mi ultima terapia mi dedo se encuentra en excelenetes condiciones, puedo cerrar muy bien mi dedo, tengo bastante fuerza. Y el servio a sido extraordinario. Muy agradecida con la ayuda a mi dedo. Gracias por el excelente servicio y muy buen trabajo.

Suly Perez Garcia
Employer: Pubbelly
Job Title: Line Cook
Therapist: Rebeca Martin Fernandez, COTA
Diagnosis: Left Hand & Finger Fracture; Tendon Strain

My experience obviously began with a lot of pain and a very minimal rang of motion. However, all the exercises and one on one care received has helped me to once again be able to do the simple things in life we all take for granted. In addition, it has made me stronger overall. And created re-found motivation. My therapist Maria was kind of strong when I needed it the most. She provided me with her experience, compassion and determination all at the right movements. She was also very understanding at times when I was not vert acceptant. Bolanos Associates has been by far the best experience I have ever experienced in may ways. They all are friendly and provide a “family” atmosphere. It would be my honor to recommend Bolanos Associates to everyone I encounter.

Ronald Beukers
Employer: City of Hallandale Beach Police Dept.
Job Title: Detective/Police Officer
Therapist: Maria Hernandez, COTA
Diagnosis: Right Wrist Injury

After a work-related hand injury that required surgery, I was referred to Bolanos Associates to begin my occupational therapy.

My left hand had become very stiff and I could hardly close my pinky finger at all, but gradually after a few sessions, my hand started to feel less stiff, less swollen, and my pinky finger was closing more and more with each session. And now after only a couple of months of therapy, my hand is almost back to where it was before the accident. All thanks to the dedicated staff at Bolanos Associates.

Nick Scott
Employer: Majestic Hotel Corp
Job Title: Maintenance Director
Therapist: Rebeca Martin Fernandez, COTA
Diagnosis: Fracture of Phalanx Left Little Finger

Maria did a great job communicating the proper procedures during my therapy. My progress happened rapidly allowing me to have a quick recovery and able to be released back to work. She was totally professional and I believe she should get a rise.

Michael Cervantes
Employer: American Airlines
Job Title: Fleet Service Clerk
Therapist: Maria Hernandez, COTA
Diagnosis: Right Ulna Fracture

Yo Maria, mi esperiencia en la terapia al principio yo no podia mover bien mi brazo izquierdo. Con ayuda de la terapia fuy mejorando para hacer mis coas en mi casa y trabajo. Gracias

Maria Garcia
Employer: GDI Technology, Inc. T
Job Title: Janitor
Therapist: Stefane Richard, OT
Diagnosis: Left Elbow Fracture with Dislocation of Wrist

My hand surgeon referred me to these physio therapists and I absolutely loved being here. Both Angie and Maria for excellent professional I would give them ***** FIVE STARS

Mostly Maria helped me and she gave me the therapy which absolutely worked on me. She always accommodated me and very friendly to talk to.

I had a sore finger after the accident and achenes and very little strength in the hand. I know feel so much better with the pain and sensation.

Thank you, Maria!!

Madhuri Gupta
Employer: Aveva
Job Title: Associate Director
Therapist: Maria Hernandez, COTA
Diagnosis: Left Middle Finger Nerve Injury

It was an excellent and grateful experience with Bolanos Associates staff. I came with a huge tear on cartilage of my left-hand wrist. I was unable to grab objects and lift no more than 5 pounds. After couple of treatments I was able to grab and strength on my hand and wrist came back with a little pain but not as we began treatment. As of today, I feel better and confident to return to work as I fell couple of months ago. Thanks for the help given by the staff and their handwork. Maria, Armando, Elizabeth and Angie gave me a high-quality treatment and information requested. Thanks for everything on my recovery.

Francisco Aguilar
Employer: American Airlines
Job Title: Fleet Service Clerk
Therapist: Maria Hernandez, COTA
Diagnosis: Left Wrist Fracture

From the beginning, I was very apprehensive about starting therapy after my 2nd surgery this past March. Orlando was able to put me at ease immediately making me see and feel the progress I was making. He designed a program that was easy to understand and follow which benefited me immensely. Orlando is patient and kind; his knowledge and skills are truly phenomenal and I have begun to look forward to each session with enthusiasm. I cam defiantly report marked improvement in my strength as well as my endurance. My walking has improved greatly because of the therapy I have received. I can even navigate steps with much confidence. I am on my 4th round and I can only see improvement ahead. I know that I more than likely will not reach 100% because of the nerve damage to my left foot but I feel very comfortable without the use of a cane or walker. My takeaway from this whole experience is entirely positive and once my therapy is over, I plan to continue the exercise Orlando has taught me too further my recovery and reach the highest level of improvement.

Bolanos is very lucky to have found such a valuable associate in Orlando. I cannot say enough nice things about my experience with Orlando as my therapist. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with him is truly fortunate indeed.

Elizabeth Reel
Employer: American Express
Therapist: Orlando Walters, DPT
Diagnosis: Lumbar Fusion

“We have been partnering with Bolanos Associates for onsite physical and occupational therapy for work related injuries since December 2013. The onsite therapy model allows our Associates to receive more personalized, efficient, and convenient care. This model also assists with increasing therapy compliance which can lead to decreasing the overall length of time an Associate may require treatment for an injury, as well as assist with associated costs. In 2015 we expanded our benefits so Associates with referrals for therapy for personal / non-work related injuries could take advantage of the convenience and high level of professionalism and quality of the Bolanos Associates' team. Bolanos Associates has been a valuable partner to our company and our Risk Management program over the last 5 years, and has been critical to assist us with injuries and associate satisfaction. ”.

Lisa Rodman, Risk Management & Associate Relations | Managing Director
City Furniture

Doctors Recommendations

“…I view Bolanos Associates Comprehensive Therapy Solutions as a true partner in the care of my patients. I feel confident they will maximize their recovery based upon the clinical outcome I have seen in some of my most challenging reconstructive cases…”.

Alejandro Badia, MD, FACSB
Badia Hand to Should Center

“…Throughout our years of association with Bolanos Associates, we have found them to be thorough, dedicated and extremely efficient in the care of patients we have referred to them. It’s a pleasure to work with them…”

Basil M. Yates, M.D., P.A.
Board Certified Neurological Surgeon

”…I have been fortunate enough to have known and worked with Bolanos Associates Comprehensive Therapy Solutions for the past two years. During this time, Bolanos Associates Comprehensive Therapy Solutions has provided superior Occupational Therapy to a number of our injured workers all resulting in excellent outcomes. Bolanos Associates Comprehensive Therapy Solutions is highly attentive to details and produces thorough, objective, and insightful Functional Capacity Evaluations all of which have resulted in returning our injured Worker’s back to gainful employment and case resolution. I have always found Angie Bolanos to be warm, highly motivated, and consistently professional. A commitment to quality patient care and skill mastery is evident in Bolanos Associates Comprehensive Therapy Solutions’ approach.”

Kim Mintus, RN, CRRN, CCM, QRP, Medical Case Manager /
SoFla Regional Medical Case Manager.

“…Bolanos-Associates have been more than just occupational / hand therapists to our injured workers and the case managers. They are able to see the big picture and consider environmental and social aspects of the case. They maintain close contact with the physician, by providing up to date reports and on-site physician visits, as warranted, to personally communicating issues or concerns. They are professional and very well liked by both injured workers and our property managers. Their dedication and knowledge base is extensive and well demonstrated in their outcomes…”

Hospitality Healthcare Executive, RN, MPH, CRRN, CCM

“…After two years of shoulder problems and a challenging surgery,I was apprehensive to use my arm and wondered whether I’dable to play golf again. Angie and Liz at Bolanos and Associates where true partners in my recovery. With care and patience, but also challenging me, they showed me a way forward and have helped me recover my strength and flexibility. I am now back to all the sports and activities I enjoy. Bolanos and Associates are very knowledgeable and professional, but also warm and caring. I would highly recommend them to anyone facing the challenges of recovering from accidents and surgery…”

Eugenio Beaufrand, Occupational Therapy Patient
Software Industry Executive

“…I started physical therapy almost 2 months after my injury and my ankle was still swollen. My physical therapist Sofia Hernandez (Sophie) was outstanding. Her care, knowledge and expertise helped me tremendously. She helped me with my confidence and achievement of my goal to return to full duty. I have to thank Jose as well for his help and recommendations. The exercises I was instructed to do may have looked simple to someone not injured but they helped me quite considerably. Before therapy I was not able to do a simple lunge, a simple squat or even step down from a stair. Balancing myself on my injured ankle was hard at first but the therapy was so successful that I am now able to balance myself without pain and without having to hold on to something. I want to thank you so much for getting me to my “old self”. I truly would recommend my friends and family to your practice for physical therapy…”

Luis Pena, Physical Therapy Patient
Miami-Dade County Corrections Officer

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