About Us

Bolanos Associates was founded on over 14 years of experience in helping injured employees return to work in a more diligent and efficient manner, while reducing their risk of re-injury. Our firm prides itself on having developed a wide array of innovative onsite therapy and work injury prevention programs, to benefit the employee / employer relationship. We have the solid belief that if workers are properly educated in preventative work injury methods, then in the unfortunate circumstances when injuries do occur, their extent may perhaps be minimized and allow for a more streamlined recovery. It is this philosophy that serves as our foundation in helping employees strive to re-achieve their pre-injury job demands, while providing employers with a cost containment strategy.

A wide range of services are provided “Onsite” at the employers location or employees home, and at our facility in Miami-Dade County, with additional facilities opening soon in both Broward and Palm Beach.  Bolanos Associates hires only experienced professionals who have years of practice in Occupational and Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Work Injury Prevention, Home and Ergonomic Assessments, Work Conditioning, and Functional Capacity Evaluations.