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Meet Donetta

Donetta Thomas

Physical Therapy Assistant

My name is Donetta Michelle Thomas. I was born in Miami, Florida. I am the proud product of two lovely parents whose name are Willie James Thomas and Clara Thomas who are both deceased since 2005. I am the sixth sibling of my family. There was a total of seven children in all of my family.

I am a proud graduate from Miami Central High School in 1980. I later received an Associate Science Degree in Physical Therapist Assistance in 1989 at Miami-Dade Medical Community College. Then, one year later I received my Associate Art Degree in 1990 from Miami-Dade Community College (North Campus). In 1997, I received a Bachelor of Art Degree from Barry University.

I have been practicing as a Physical Therapist Assistance for 29 years. I have learned from many other therapists in this field along the way. Especially from my mentor was name is John Stoney who is Physical Therapist. He took me under his wings an taught me many ways of treating many patients that was injured and need to be rehab back to health. I provided physical therapy care in many acute care settings over the years. I have worked with many orthopedic clients, stroke clients and geriatric clients. Now, I am currently working at Bolanos Associates with Worker's Compensation clients under the Director of Angie Escalona since joining the team in 2013.

I am a firm believer of Jesus Christ. I thank God each and every day for allowing me to be able to use God's wisdom in applying my knowledge over the years in treating my patients on the road to recovery from their injuries. I am an active member of Jesus People Ministries under the leadership of Bishop Isaiah S. Williams, Dr. Gloria Y. Williams Sr. Pastor, and Pastor Richelle A. Williams they have provided me with spiritual guides along the way by teaching and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ along this journey. I serve on the Hostess Ministry at my church.

In 2003 and 2009 I was awarded a Service Award for working at Coral Gables for over 10 years. I participated in 2007 Career Professional Day at Jesus People Ministries. In 2007 I was awarded a Lifetime of Who's Who of Cambridge for professionalization in Physical Therapy. Then later in 2008-2009 I was awarded for V.I.P Who's Who of Cambridge for professionalization in Physical Therapy. In 2014 and 2015 I participated in a Health Fair that involves in providing preventive ways for employees at work in avoiding back injuries on their job sites.

I enjoy in my spare time watching professional football, baseball, basketball, and going to the movies.  Reading my Bible and different kinds of books. And I mainly enjoy being around my family and friends for many social gatherings.

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