Onsite Therapy

Onsite Hand Therapy
Why Choose Onsite Therapy? 

Traditional clinic based therapy for work related injuries rely on large equipment (i.e. treadmills, leg extension machines, stationary bicycles, and biodex, etc.) to provide treatment, while the therapist tends to multiple patients at a time. This therapy philosophy is a disservice to patients, as each therapists should be directing their undivided attention to a single patient during any given treamtment session. In fact, injured employees recieving rehab therapy should expect nothing less from their therapist, than a personalized plan of care that simulates the injured employee’s real job situations to help them readapt. The reality however, is that many injured workers have difficulty applying what they learn in a traditional clinic setting to their real world job tasks. As a result, the patients’ become dependent on large therapy equipment to continue their recuperation long after the approved therapy sessions have been exhausted, therefore not allowing for what the patient has learned to be carried over as exercises at home and work. Bolanos Associates provides a nontraditional and unique approach to delivering onsite comprehensive physical and occupational therapy services, at the patient’s place of employment or home, that utilize proven treatment techniques in stimulating real job tasks and daily living routines.

Onsite Therapy Level of Care

Our onsite therapy services follow the same rigorous treatment programs as used in our facility, with the difference that we have the ability to deliver it at the patients’ home or place of employment. While some employees may have to be treated at home due to the extent of their injuries, for work injury cases where the patient is still able to work and has been perhaps placed on lite duty, then delivering therapy services at their place of employment is indeed ideal. Rather than the employee having to take time off from work to receive treatment at a facility, our therapists will visit the employee at work, pull them away from their job task for a maximum 45-60 minute sessions, depending on their physicians’ prescribed therapy, thus allowing the employee to continue their work day with minimal interruption. Our onsite therapy programs include exercises, splint fabrication, modalities, education and incorporation of work related tasks as needed.  Onsite transitional work therapy also allows for the patients’ gradual transition back to their pre-injury job tasks or another targeted job, with the supervision and assistance of our therapists.

Onsite-Photo-OneInjured Employee Therapy Compliance

It is important to note that our philosophy of onsite therapy also assists with the injured employees’ therapy compliance. Employees may sometimes have difficulty attending scheduled therapy appointments at times, due to work schedules and personal responsibility conflicts. In many instances, his leads to employees’ plateauing in therapy, pre mature discharge and the possibility of re-injury.  Although many injured employees begin attending facility based therapy on the standard 2-3 times a week, once feeling slightly better, they begin believing that attending therapy is a hassle and prefer to skip treatment sessions, thus prolonging the care and decreasing the potential of a quick and safe recovery.  By providing onsite therapy at the patients’ home or place of employment, it is more difficult for them to cancel treatment sessions, and therefore receive the appropriate level of treatment for an adequate recovery. Therefore, most work injury cases end in a discharge with a home exercise program that is demonstrated in equipment that the employee does not have at home or in the work place.