Home vs. Ergonomics Assessments


In-Home Assessments

Bolanos Associates therapists provide in-home assessments. We can assess a client’s level of function in areas of Self Care (dressing, hygiene, etc.), mobility (walking, safety with transfers), and home management (cleaning, preparing meals, etc.). We can also recommend appropriate equipment or modifications, which may assist the client in maintaining their safety and independence. An assessment completed by a Bolanos Associate therapist can reduce risk of falls, improve the safety of caregivers, and assist in enabling clients to remain in their own homes.





  • Improved safety in the home with decreased risk of fall
  • Improved ability to complete everyday tasks with ease and efficiency
  • Improved safety of client and caregivers
  • Increased ability to participate in chosen activities
  • Determine needs of Attendant Care



Ergonomic Assessments

With the continuous rise in healthcare costs and work related injuries, an Ergonomic Assessment is a cost effective and preventative measure to avoid work related injuries and improve healthy practices.

As Certified Ergonomic Specialists our goal is to improve productivity while decreasing risk for injury. We provide our clients with a detailed analysis of the work site environment, awkward postures, repetitive motions, sustained postures as well as the risk factors of each individual worker. Our assessments are designed to aid in the prevention of work related injuries, while expediting an employee’s return to work after injury and most importantly increase productivity and morale.





  • Cost effective solutions
  • Assist with implementation of recommendations
  • Expert witness testimony
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Wheelchair and Seating Assessments


About Bolanos Associates, LLC.

Bolanos Associates was founded on over 14 years of experience in helping injured employees return to work in a more diligent and efficient manner, while reducing their risk of re-injury. The firm prides itself on having developed a wide array of innovative onsite therapy and work injury prevention programs, to benefit the employee / employer relationship.

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